The Ultimate Test: who you really are (and what you do at night...)

(I wrote in Brittish, sorry Americans!)

Before starting, you mainly go for: Men Women

Lets go!The real test stars here:

Do you like movies? Yes No

Where would you like to be right now?

You are currently thinking about someone... What is her first name?

A number between 5 and 110 :

Have you ever tasted peanut butter? Yes No

And raspberry marmalade? Yes No

Your lucky number:

You like crackers:

Can you TEXT a message? Yes No

Do you trust the President of the United-States?

Did you experience difficulties at using the microwave?

Have you ever gone to bed early in the morning? Yes No

Did you suck your thumb? Yes No

What's your pet's name?

In which room do you spend most of your time?

Who came with you for your first day in high school?

Shall we create a beer-flavoured chewing-gum?

What's on your toasts?

When you are having an ice-cream, in general:

Have you ever done the Chicken Dance?

When you get up at night, what part of YOURSELF hits the furniture, doors, walls...?

Do you smoke? Yes No

You know that smoking is unhealthy...

You are filling in (out) this questionnaire because someone told you to... Yes No

How many cuddly toys did you still have ten years back?

What would be the best adjective for "coffee"?

What is the latest thing you bought?

How did you use the suction cup (the one that emerges the WC) last time?

Is scorpion an insect? Yes No I don't know

What is your usual coarse-word (or insult)?

How many insects are you sure you have eaten?

What is the question you have always wanted to ask without ever daring too?

I answered in the secret of my heart and conscience and I know all that will directly end up in God's mailbox (hahaHAHAhahaHAHA!)